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ImPACT Concussion Test

In the event of a head injury, a baseline concussion test can help medical professionals detect whether a concussion has occurred, the severity of the injury and when play can safely be resumed.

The test, called ImPACT, is available online or can be administered in a doctor's office.  More information about the test, which is used by the NHL, NFL and many colleges and high schools, is available at:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ImPACT Concussion Test
What is it?
  • Cognitive, computerized test for concussion management, specifically return-to-play decisions
  • Measures cognitive baseline pre-concussion
  • Can be used after a concussion but it must be disclosed or measurements are invalid
  • Test length averages 30 minutes
Development and Use?
  • University of Pittsburgh MD’s and PhD’s
  • Peer reviewed and validity tested
  • Many pro and student sports teams currently use ImPACT
Why use it?
  • Player safety
  • Current methods do not address subtle changes from concussions – ImPACT can detect these
How is it administered?
  • Private physician office
    • Benefit: controlled administration
    • Benefit: local physician has baseline at office for comparisons
  • On-line - $10 on-line through Henry Ford Health System
    • Benefit: cost effective
    • Benefit: convenient
How can my child be tested?
  • On-line @ $10/test:
  • The Center for Advanced Pediatrics. Office of Dr. Dobos in Norwalk, CT. $25./test, Ellen Fahey, APRN will administer the test. Call 203-229-2000 to schedule an appointment.
  • Pediatric Healthcare Associates. Office of Dr. Lee in Southport, CT.  $25./test. Call 203-452-8322 and ask for Lois to schedule an appointment.
It is a personal, family decision to use or not use the baseline test.  This information is intended to help you make an informed choice.